Public Space Protection Order No.3 (Anti-Social Behaviour) 2021.

At last night’s very long 6-hour meeting at Waverley Borough Council, the recommendation to approve and make the Public Space Protection Order was agreed. This is what I said.

“In October 2018 I chaired a packed meeting in St. John’s Church, Farncombe, attended by over three hundred local residents. This Order is the result of that, and it addresses the concerns expressed at that time. It allows for the use of appropriate powers as and when there are issues of anti-social behaviour, and as Sgt. Claire Sutherland says, ”It is a tool in the toolbox”. But, it should not be the only tool – it should be one of many.

These problems, of course, are exacerbated by cuts made by Surrey County Council in the Youth Services programme and this Order will provide additional controls but it will not solve the problem. This will require investment. Investment in time, talents, and money in the Youth Services so that our younger citizens do not feel that they are a problem but rather that they are an integral, vital, and valued part of our community.

Together we are better!

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