Cuts Hurt!

Today I wrote to the Surrey Advertiser:

In your newspaper last week, you featured the closure by Waverley of the public toilets in Farncombe and Godalming. I would like to commend Steve Cosser and the members of Farncombe Initiative and their mission to keep them open and I am pleased to add my voice, along with all those who have contacted me, to theirs.

The current severe budget cuts to essential local services made by Conservative-led councils at Waverley and Surrey are hurting us. Councillors who voted for these deep cuts know what public services cost, but they do not comprehend what the services are worth. We need good quality services – street lighting, decent roads and pavements, effective waste disposal, reliable education and health services. Most recently, we have been reminded just how much we rely on our police and fire services. These public servants are more than essential, they are vital.

All cuts hurt. Austerity as a policy has failed us and the costs will be high to repair the wounds to our society.

We have seen the havoc cause by deregulation followed by outsourcing of services. Something has gone badly wrong with the provision of services in our country, we must rise to the challenge and build a better way of life that is fair for all.