Axe the Tory Tip Tax campaign

“The Government has indicated that residents should be able to dispose of household DIY waste free of charge and that they are considering changing the law to enforce this. Therefore, we the undersigned call upon Surrey County Council to immediately stop charging residents for the disposal of household DIY waste at its Community Recycling Centres”

Waverley Local Committee: Decisions

Details of Surrey County Council’s Local Committe for Waverley, with agenda, minutes and decisions, can be found here.

The Highways Update (Item 74) is particularly interesting where the budget has been cut by 90%

Onstreet Parking fines have generated a ‘surplus’ of £63,637 which is delegated to the Local Committee to spend. There was much parochial lobbying for this money, particularly from the Farnham Councillors, from where most of these fines were generated. The officers recommendation was not to spend it on roads at all, but a vegetation gang to keep highways clear of overhanging foliage. After much debate this was eventually agreed,

Surrey CC – Waverley Local Committee

I attended the Waverley area local committee meeting for Surrey County Council on Fri 23rd June in Haslemere. The Full Agenda can be found here. The forward work plan for Godalming North had identified £120,000 of road improvement works, as shown in the table below:

I was informed by the officers that the budget for Godalming North had been slashed to a mere £10,000. There really is no money left. I was also told I had to allocate this money to a project at this meeting. There was therefore no chance to consult more widely about what the community might prioritise.
Having been sprung into this I chose to fund the Farncombe Hill Footway resurfacing, to improve pedestrian access in to Farncombe, and Farncombe Hill.
Interestingly Peter Martin (Godalming South) had a similar concern about choosing a project immediately, and interestingly he had a much larger projected budget: