Surrey CC – Waverley Local Committee

I attended the Waverley area local committee meeting for Surrey County Council on Fri 23rd June in Haslemere. The Full Agenda can be found here. The forward work plan for Godalming North had identified £120,000 of road improvement works, as shown in the table below:

I was informed by the officers that the budget for Godalming North had been slashed to a mere £10,000. There really is no money left. I was also told I had to allocate this money to a project at this meeting. There was therefore no chance to consult more widely about what the community might prioritise.
Having been sprung into this I chose to fund the Farncombe Hill Footway resurfacing, to improve pedestrian access in to Farncombe, and Farncombe Hill.
Interestingly Peter Martin (Godalming South) had a similar concern about choosing a project immediately, and interestingly he had a much larger projected budget:

The Great Get Together at St John’s Church Farncombe

Last weekend there were thousands of Great Get Together events across our nation on the anniversary of the death of Jo Cox MP. These were inspired by her words,  “far more unites us than divides us”.

At St John’s Church in Farncombe the Great Get Together event took the form of a Father’s Day tea-party. We also planted a cherry tree which was dedicated by Rev James Rattue and held a short service.
Local people and local businesses made kind contributions. Our new bakery, Loaf, gave a gorgeous chocolate cake. Gorringe &Son gave an engraved brass plaque to mark the occasion. Godalming Choral Society sang for the service which added to the feeling of harmony.
It was an inspirational and emotional time of togetherness and using words from one of the readings at the service – words said by Robert Kennedy after the killing of Martin Luther King, “Surely, we can learn to look at those around us as fellows and surely, we can begin to work a little harder to bind up the wounded among us and become in our hearts, brothers and sisters again.”
Let us work a little harder – together!